Mammal Web Summer Update

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Despite the weather doing it’s best to spoil the party it really is summer now and all our wildlife is busy nesting, breeding and feeding up. Although activity on the Mammal Web cameras has definitely increased it can be difficult to see what is going on sometimes as the vegetation grows so fast the animals are often hidden from view. Our Trappers are doing their best to keep the long grass down around the cameras but it is a bit of a challenge.

We were waiting patiently through April and the beginning of May to see any young that appeared. Luckily, our cameras captured some lovely images including this sequence of a roe deer with it’s fawn.


Roe deer and suckling fawn



Roe deer and fawn



Roe deer and fawn 2


Our Trappers also got some fantastic fox pictures (selection below) including cubs, an adult carrying it’s lunch home through the bluebells and a lovely individual in a wildflower meadow.


Fox cub at night



Fox in the bluebells with picnic lunch



Fox in the meadow


There were other lovely images captured too including a stoat, a brown hare posing in the sunshine and a badger.


Stoat on a log



Brown hare chilling in the afternoon



Badger in the long grass

One of the most unusual sightings though was of this squirrel carrying its kit in its mouth as it moves it to a new drey.


Squirrel moving house with kits

We will be moving some cameras around in the coming weeks and training some new Trappers in how to use the cameras and upload to the website. We still urgently need more Spotters too – so if you are interested in seeing what our mammals are up to and can spare the odd 15 minutes please register on the MammalWeb website at and help us to classify some of the images. There are nearly 75,000 up there now so there are a lot to get through.

Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the summer brings!