Shaping the future of urban green spaces

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Now coming to the end of the grassland management season, we’ve been busy cutting and raking many sites to improve access. We have removed the arisings to help create favourable conditions for a diverse range of wildflowers to grow. We are now feeling proficient in the use of brushcutters and using the BCS on larger sites. We have carried this out at Fulwell Quarry, SCC, where we also removed bindweed and bramble that was encroaching onto the grassland, and Barlowburn, DWT, where we also cut paths into the thick vegetation to help conservation grazing horses get around the site.


Improving the environment at Dunston Staithes

Improving the environment at Dunston Staithes

The project at Ferndene Park, GHC, is going well and really moving along. A few trees have been removed, opening up the area to help the ground flora develop, brightening it up for the community and making it less likely for anti-social behaviour to take place. We have also removed a lot of the white bramble and ivy, enabling us to see the best areas for planting.

Creating logs for habitat piles

Using our new chainsaw qualifications, we cross cut the felled trees and used the logs to create habitat piles at Dunston Staithes, GHC. There is a programme of educational activities at the Staithes, run by DWT, so children will be able to explore the invertebrates and fungi that will begin to live on these decomposing logs. In the future, GHC are looking at ways to provide similar opportunities in Ryton.


If you live in Ryton, WildGround are keen to hear your views on Ferndene Park and if you are able to help in any way at shaping its future.

WildGround are working hard to influence the sustainability and diversity of urban green spaces in the region. Project leader, Nikki, recently visited the friendly Middleton St George wildlife group and she shared with us their enthusiastic ideas for future community projects and traineeships. We hope other trainees will be able to get the life-changing opportunities we are getting.