WildGround digs a hole or two…

Durham Wildlife Trust News, WildGround

It’s been a very wet couple of weeks and I’m not just talking about the weather!

The team have started their pond and wetland unit and have helped re-instate a pond and contribute to the management of an existing pond.

We worked with Steve Purvis from DWT and his team of volunteers at Westfield Pastures to help dig out a pond which had become so overgrown you wouldn’t even know it was there! It was rewarding to see after just a couple of hours of digging what a difference it made. This pond will add diversity, create blue corridors and also provide a water source for the winter grazing ponies.

We have also helped Anne Porter from the Heart of Durham project, clearing vegetation out of a pond. Even though it was a cold day (and the pond was frozen!), the team enjoyed working with new volunteers helping to prevent the build up of nutrients and supporting the Great-Crested Newt population.



The team, with the help of local volunteers, have been putting the ‘fern’ back into Ferndene and adding other   woodland species to increase the biodiversity of the dene for wildlife. Extra vegetation will also help prevent soil erosion and make it a more beautiful woodland walk.













We have a final planting session this Tuesday 29th November, 11am – 1pm. Please come along and help! We will provide tasty soup and a warming cuppa.

We have now all finished our health and safety assessments thanks to Tony Purcell from South Tyneside Council. We have been working on sites in South Tyneside such as West Park, Cleadon Park, St Stephens Churchyard and Boldon Colliery Wood.   That’s another unit ticked off. Hurrah!