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MammalWeb, funded by HLF, has been capturing images of wildlife from across our region. As the project reaches the end of its second year we invite you to vote for the best mammal photo and the best bird photo captured by our network of trail cameras.

Voting ends at 5pm on 15th May. The winning images will be announced on 17th May.

Prizes for the Trappers whose camera took the image:
Best mammal photo: Bushnell Trail Camera
Best bird photo: Britain’s Mammals; A field guide to the mammals of Britain & Ireland

You may vote for multiple entries.

Click here to Vote for the People’s Choice: Mammals
Click here to Vote for the People’s Choice: Birds

People’s Choice: Mammals

People’s Choice: Birds


Vivien Kent
Conservation and Mammal Web Project Officer at

Vivien is a wildlife biologist who specialises in mammals. As well as running the Mammal Web project Vivien coordinates the Annual Spring Otter Survey and delivers training in otter and water vole ecology and the field skills required for surveying.