Mammal Web

Mammal Web is an exciting citizen science project, involving remote-capture trail cameras, to monitor our mammal population.

The project is a collaboration between Durham Wildlife Trust and a team of ecologists in the School of Biological Sciences at Durham University.

People can get involved in the project by becoming a ‘spotter’ or a ‘trapper’. ‘Trappers’ upload images from their remote-capture trail cameras to the Mammal Web website and ‘spotters’ help to classify them.

The information gathered helps to build a picture of the region’s mammal population as well as information on their activity.

Click here to visit the Mammal Web website

Mammal Web Project Officer

Dr Vivien Kent

Vivien is Durham Wildlife Trust’s Conservation and Mammal Web Officer. As well as running the Mammal Web project, Vivien also coordinates the annual Harvest Mouse Survey and the Spring Otter Survey.