North East Local Nature Partnership

Nothumberland, North Tyneside, Newcastle, Gatehead, South Tyneside, Sunderland and County Durham

The Biodiversity Habitat and Species Action Plans remain the evidence base for the work of the North East Local Nature Partnership, however LNPs have a wider remit than traditional biodiversity partnerships integrating health and wellbeing and economic considerations.

Defra’s vision for LNPs is that they will:

– Demonstrate local leadership, raising awareness about the vital services and benefits which a healthy natural environment brings for people, communities and the local economy

– Develop a shared environmental vision and set of priorities for their area
Influence local plans and strategies that affect the natural environment

– Bring together a range of local stakeholders who can align efforts and make best use of available resources

– Work at a landscape scale to improve the range of benefits and services we get from a healthy natural environment

– Improve the social and economic benefits received from the enhancement of the natural environment

– Promote an ecosystems approach and an awareness of its relevance to the work of various sectors

– Deliver integrated outcomes with a wide range of benefits.
Plan and deliver integrated environmental action

– Make links between the economy and the natural environment

North East Local Nature Partnership Project Officers

Claire Thompson, Partnership Officer

Helen Ryde, Natural Environment Officer