WildGround is a three-year initiative to deliver 18 high quality traineeships in natural heritage grounds maintenance. The project, delivered by Durham Wildlife Trust and financed by the Heritage Lottery Fund, provides extensive training to six adults each year, working with local councils and communities from the Tees to the Tyne to improve urban green spaces.

The WildGround training programme is targeted towards people who have a desire to train for a career in grounds maintenance. The programme is different from traditional grounds maintenance training as it focuses on ensuring that all maintenance activities are carried out with close consideration for wildlife conservation.

The project aims to change the way we think about grounds maintenance tasks by applying a more natural approach thus improving biodiversity in our areas.

The WildGround project has a well established steering group which meets quarterly with the purpose of creating quality training opportunities. The project is partnered with Cestria Community Housing, Gateshead Council, South Tyneside Council and Sunderland City Council.

WildGround Partners

WildGround Project Officer

Nikki Woodward

Nikki Woodward successfully leads the WildGround Project deliverying first class training to the WildGround Trainees and working with local communities to help them improve their own urban green spaces.