A digital dawn chorus

with Durham Wildlife Trust

Record a birdsong and be part of our digital dawn chorus!

Our team have seen and heard from many people who are noticing more about wildlife during these unusual times. The quietness in streets is somehow amplifying the sound of birdsong. So we thought this was the ideal opportunity to ask people to participate in a digital project and help us bring wildlife into everyone’s homes.

Head of Conservation Mark Dinning said: “One of our favourite annual activities is the Dawn Chorus event which was due to take place at Low Barns nature reserve on 3 May. We had planned to take a small group out into the site in the early morning to listen to the bird songs and note down the different species.

“Instead, we are now planning to bring that event into everyone’s living rooms with a digital recording of birds from across the North East. But we need the help of our followers and supporters to do that.

We are asking for people to record short video clips of single birds singing from their windows, in their gardens or on their daily walks. Clips can be submitted electronically – there are details of how to do so on our website – then in late May we will share with everyone our digital dawn chorus performance featuring the many and varied bird species from across the region.”


Please record a short video clip of a bird singing. Clips can be submitted by email by clicking on the link below. No filming expertise is necessary, a 15 second clip recorded on a mobile phone or tablet – ideally of a single bird singing- is all we need and don’t worry if your clip is just of trees with sound, we will identify the bird! Please note: by submitting your bird song video clip via this email, you grant permission to Durham Wildlife Trust to reproduce your footage in electronic format without payment or credit.



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