Beautiful Butterflies

It’s June, the Sun is out and there are lots of beautiful butterflies fluttering about!

Beautiful butterflies are out and about, especially on a warm, sunny day. Like all insects, they are cold-blooded so they need the heat from the sun to warm them up and get them active. If you have a garden, or just a few flowers in a yard, you may well spot some. On a cold morning you may be able to carefully pick them up on a finger, as they will be too cold to fly off. On a hot day you’ll notice how much faster they are visiting flowers, looking for a mate and males often defending a territory by chasing off intruders. 


Have you read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle? Well, when the butterfly hatched from its chrysalis, it was also very hungry! What do hungry butterflies eat? Find out by reading about ‘Very Hungry Butterflies

Have you heard people talk about Cabbage White butterflies? Well, guess what? There is no such thing! There are, however, a number of white butterflies which like to eat cabbages! Find out more here.

Watch the Wildlife Trust video below for some advice on how to plant a butterfly friendly area of your garden, and don’t forget to water regularly in dry weather!


Download our garden butterfly spotting sheet by clicking on the image below and see how many of these butterflies you can find in your garden or on a walk.

Please fill out our survey with your results so we can see what you have found.

If you would like to encourage butterflies to visit your garden, have a look at our caterpillar food plant check-list sheet.

Let’s go for a caterpillar hunt and see if we can find some in our gardens! Where will you look? Underneath leaves is a good place to start. How many can you find? What will they turn into? Use our Butterfly and Caterpillar sheet to find out! 


Having the right plants in your garden for butterflies is the best thing you can do, but if that isn’t possible you could have a go at making this handy butterfly feeder:

Even if you do have plenty of butterfly friendly plants in your garden you could do your own investigation with the feeder to find out which butterflies prefer which colour feeders. 

Finally, why not draw or paint your favourite butterfly, or create your own ‘Most beautiful butterfly in the World’ out of paper, card or whatever craft materials you can find at home. 

If you have a sheet of paper and some paint, make a beautiful butterfly painting:

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