Beetling About 

This week we are exploring the fantastic world of beetles. It is also National Insect Week and of course beetles are insects; 6 legs, three main body parts and wings (though not all insects have wings).


Take a look through our beetle information sheet by clicking on the image below and learn more about some of the amazing 4000 species of beetle we have in the UK. You’ll not believe how many different species there are!


You can also visit the websites below for even more beetle facts:

The Wildlife Trusts – beetles

National Insect Week – beetles


Ever spotted any beetles in your garden or yard? Many are nocturnal and hiding during the day so you may need to rummage around a bit, look under rocks and logs or, even better build yourself a pitfall trap. Click on the picture below for a ‘how to’ guide to building a pitfall and let us know what you find.


If you are still full of energy and keen to help wildlife in your garden why not build a log pile? Make sure you have permission from an adult first. Once it is built,  it’s just a matter of watching and waiting. With time, all sorts will move in to your garden and the insects will also provide food for birds and hedgehogs.

Finally it’s time to put your feet up after all your foraging around in the garden and get creative. Click on the picture below to open some instructions for a pebble craft. You can use marker pens, paint or even decoupage.