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Take some time out and enjoy reading our selection of news and project updates from around the Trust.

Planting in a Winter Wonderland-Thornley Woods

Anne Porter / December 7, 2017

Community Planting day at Thornley Woods in the snow! 420  Trees from the Woodland Trust 11 brave souls! 80 trees planted! So by the end of December all 420 trees donated by the Woodland Trust will have been planted. Another community day is in the pipeline for early next year, when trees  donated by Durham […]

DWT’s Heart of Durham Volunteers Plug the Gap

Anne Porter / December 5, 2017

The “Waistcoat Lads” as they are effectionatly called, due to their  spectacular waistcoats, have turned their fingers to numerous planting projects for the Heart of Durham, from growing plug plants for Northumbrian Water, tending nectar plants and marsh violets for small pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly sites and generally keeping an eye on the small nursery area […]

A Wild December

emily / December 1, 2017

Nature has many gifts to give this December.  As frost and snow takes hold the Christmas card scene unfolds. Whilst trees stand bare and the winter wonderland cold, quiet and still, those in the picture stand out. The female holly tree with her rosy berries, the robin with its red breast, and the fox with […]

Tracking mammal footprints as part of our search for dormice

Anne Porter / November 30, 2017

Over the last 4 years Durham Wildlife Trust’s Heart of Durham Project, as a result of a generous donation from D’Oyley Carte, has been putting up tubes and specialised boxes at various woodland locations as part of their survey of  looking for dormice in County Durham. Now the Land of Oak and Iron project has […]

Working with Blessed John Duckett School Tow Law

Anne Porter / November 30, 2017

It was a cold, but a clear, morning in Tow Law when Durham Wildlife Trust’s Heart of Durham team arrived at Blessed John Duckett RC Primary School to lead a day all about willow. As part of Durham Wildlife Trust’s Heart of Durham community work with schools, the team went and led a willow day […]

Planting Trees at Thornley Wood Community Site

emily / November 28, 2017

With grateful thanks to the Woodland Trust the Heart of Durham Project has managed to secure a further 420 trees to be planted at the Thornley Wood Community Site situated just below Tow Law. On Friday the 17th of November the Heart of Durham Task Force commenced clearing the second part of the site ready […]

Prize Draw 2017

emily / November 24, 2017

The Summer 2017 edition of Wildlife Durham, our members magazine, included raffle tickets for our Prize Draw 2017. This is the first time in a number of years that DWT has held a draw/raffle and the response has been brilliant. We have great pleasure in announcing the following winning ticket numbers which were drawn on […]

Grass Snakes and the Duvernoy’s Gland

John Grundy / November 23, 2017

Are Grass snakes Venomous? No they are not. At least not in the sense that they are able to inject venom into prey. The Duvernoy’s Gland is situated in the snakes head behind the eye and provides a similar function to that of venom glands in vipers and elapids. Colubrids, like our grass and smooth […]

DWT Botany Group – Delights of the Coast

emily / November 21, 2017

The last survey of the year saw three keen botanists meet at Blackhall Picnic site to explore plant life on the coast. The weather was milder than of late and the sun came out several times. This was relevant and showed how lucky we were because later we were told that at the other end […]

Wildlife Habitats in Your Garden

John Grundy / November 17, 2017

There are many simple things you can do in your garden to help wildlife. ​Ponds are an obvious choice if you have the space. But even a small container in the corner of a garden can offer a place for small amphibians and aquatic invertebrates to thrive. A pond also increases the choice of interesting […]