Dazzling Dragonflies and Damselflies

Dragonflies and their smaller relatives, damselflies, are incredible creatures. They are beautiful, smart, super-fast, manoeuvrable, and, if you were their insect prey, terrifying. 

There are more than 500 species in the world with over 50 recorded in the UK! If you are fortunate enough to find one on a cold morning resting on a plant near water you can very gentle lift it up on a finger and impress your friends. If, however, you spot one zipping around on a hot day you may almost tie you neck in a knot trying to get a better look to work out which species it is!


Take a look at our Fact Sheet (click on the picture belowand Dragonflies and Damselflies ID Sheet to learn more about these fabulous insects.

Visit https://british-dragonflies.org.uk for more details of other British species, including the other damselfly species you may find.

After you have had a read through why not test your knowledge with our Dragonflies and Damselflies Quiz. You could get your parents to have a go too, don’t give them too long to read. 

For more fascinating dragonfly fun take a look at this video of how a dragonflies manages to see and catch its super fast prey


If you live near a pond or a river, take a walk on a sunny day and see what you can spot. Low Barns, Rainton Meadows, Malton and any of our nature reserves with water are perfect just now. If you have a pair of binoculars these can be very helpful. You will almost certainly find damselflies but there are a few possible species so take a close look or even better take photos. 


Finally, why not make your own amazingly colourful dragonfly by following our instruction leaflet – click on the picture below. If you get the hang of it you could make a few and build a mobile!