Durham Veteran Tree Exhibition

An exhibition of Durham Veteran Trees drawn by Ewan Anderson will be at Durham University Botanic Garden from 1st until 29th September.

The identification of veteran trees growing between the Tees and the Tyne began with the Durham Wildlife Trust Veteran Tree Project, for whom Ewan is tree artist.

The idea behind the project is to raise public awareness of veteran trees in terms of national heritage and biodiversity. A veteran tree is one which has reached full maturity and is beginning to die back. It therefore becomes unique as a wildlife habitat.

Ewan Anderson has had a lifelong interest in trees and , since his retirement as Professor of Geopolitics in 2001, he has been drawing trees for several charities including the Durham Wildlife Trust. His aim is to blend the botanical and the artistic and, in 2011, he was commissioned to draw the Heritage Trees at the RBG, Kew.
He has held over 40 exhibitions, 9 of them at the Durham Botanic Gardens. Most of his drawings can be seen on his website: www.tree-drawings.co.uk

Find out more about exhibitions at the Durham Botanic Gardens here.