Dragonfly Emergence

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May 2, 2020 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm Europe/London Timezone
Malton Ponds
Durham DH7 0TH
Dragonfly Emergence @ Malton Ponds | Lanchester | England | United Kingdom

Nature has a rhythm as winter comes to an end. First you see snowdrops, then the days are clearly longer, the mayflies emerge en masse and then at the end of April, the first damselflies emerge from their long winter living as a nymph under water. If you have never seen this transformation happening, then here is your chance. For the last two years, the first damselflies to emerge in the north east have done so during the last week of April. (See Photo). So assuming there is sun that week, then it should occur again, and DWT Trustee Michael Coates will be on hand to point out this miracle of life.

You are invited to join Michael at Malton Ponds (meet at the car park DH7 0TP) at 11.30am. This late start is so that the sun has a chance to warm up the water from which the nymphs will climb out. You will be taken to the DWT reserve (10 minute walk, easy terrain) and you will be shown 3 ponds (2 of which require climbing a style or hopping over a narrow ditch). Michael will explain the life cycle of Odonata (Dragon and Damselflies) and point out where to look and what to watch out for. You should bring binoculars, as the damsels are about 2 cm long and can be in the middle of the ponds.  Walking boots or wellingtons are required as it will be muddy. Photography is encouraged, however, you will require a telephoto lens.

If the weather is cold or wet on that day, the walk will still take place, partly as you only need a brief break in the clouds for emergence to happen, but also as it’s a great opportunity to be shown this small DWT reserve (and then head off to a nearby coffee shop).

So that Michael can plan, please do book online and also please inform us if you later find you cannot attend.