June with Durham Wildlife Trust

As summer begins to swing, we welcome the warmer weather and new life June brings.

Wildlife responds to the extra sunny hours, and the abundance of flowers means the damselflies, dragonflies, butterflies, insects, birds and bees are all out on the wing.

Female Common Darter

Trees are now in full leaf and as their canopies cast shade on our woodland floor we look to the light in our meadows, hedgerows and gardens to explore.

Whilst the dawn chorus decreases, the appearance of many birds increases as their focus turns on finding food for their young.  Bird colonies provide a heart-warming sight, as eggs start to hatch and break into life.  Don’t forget to keep an eye on our BALTIC kittiwake cam.

With the arrival of warm summer nights, bats and moths also take flight and badger cubs may be seen out and about.  Hedgehogs also celebrate new life, you may hear their parents foraging for food at night.

As the sun rises early and sets late, on June 21st we have the summer solstice, the longest day of the year taking place.

This month, with so much to see, The Wildlife Trusts challenge you to do something wild every day. Find out more here.  We’ve plenty of events to help you on your way.

On Friday 1st and 2nd, our Half Tern Little Tern takes place at Crimdon Beach, join our wardens for family crafts and talks on the rare little tern colony.

On Friday 1st we are also searching for life beneath the surface as we go Pond Dipping at Rainton Meadows, whilst at The Saltmarsh Gardens we discover what emerges above as we learn about plants with our storyteller in our Woodland Wonderland.

Daisy Arts are holding family workshops at Low Barns on Saturday 2nd, join us for Art Forgaing and create a special one off art piece made out of nature.

Our Heart of Durham Minibus Tour on Saturday 9th provides a unique opportunity for our members to visit parts of Derwent Reservoir that are normally off limits to the general public.

On Sunday 10th, and later in the month on Saturday 23rd, join our Dragon and Damselfly Walk and Talk at Rainton Meadows and discover the difference between two of the distinctive insects buzzing around our waters this time of year.

Lanchester Wildlife Group take a trip to a field trip to Flass Vale Nature Reserve on Tuesday 12th, guided by Friends of Flass Gale.

As part of 30 Days Wild we have a Big Community Bug Hunt taking place at Low Barns on Saturday 16th, a chance for children to explore the wonderful world of minibeasts, whilst over at Rainton Meadows our Swap Shop Baby Clothes and Toys returns.

The Botany Group are learning all about the Wild Plants which are flowering on Sunday 17th at Low Barns.  Whilst the Lanchester Wildlife Group are off to the North Pennines to do some birding with Weardale Wildlife Group on Saturday 23rd.

On Sunday 24th, join us for our Pony Summer Send Off, your chance to say goodbye to the ponies before they go off to spend their summer holidays grazing on our other reserves.

The Land of Oak and Iron Wildlife Group: Bumblee Identification event takes place on Saturday 30th at Blaydon Youth Club, learn more about their fascinating work.

A lovely way to end the month is joining our Hannah’s Meadow Walk on Saturday 30th.  The meadows is part of the farm which had been owned by Hannah Hauxwell, made famous by the documentary ‘Too Long a Winter’ which exposed her life as a hill farmer.  The meadow will be at its flower rich best, just as Hannah would have enjoyed it the most – after winter.

Don’t forget our monthly Wildlife Watch meetings and weekly Wild Yoga and Craft Hour continue to take place too. For a full list of events please visit here and keep looking out for new events too.

Please don’t forget to share your wildlife photos with us this month on Twitter @durhamwildlife and Facebook, especially if you are taking part in the exciting 30 Days Wild Challenge.   We look forward to seeing your wild month!