Ocean Life

The 8th of June is World Ocean day. Our amazing oceans cover 71% of the earth’s surface and are teeming with an unimaginable diversity of wildlife, much of which is still to be discovered and named. The wildlife of our oceans is so amazing it’s really hard to know where to start.

If you are lucky enough to live close to a beach you can get out for a walk and do some rock pooling or beach combing and see what you can find. If not we have lots of interesting activities here to help you explore the marine environment. You can find out more about World Ocean Day here


Have a look at our Crazy Rock Pool Creatures facts sheet and find out more about some of the animals which live in British rock pools. Then fill out our survey to let us know which ones you have seen either recently, if you live near the sea, or on a past trip. Even more information can be found here. https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/wildlife-explorer/marine


This short video shows some of the highlights from Blue Planet, a programme which may inspire you to learn even more about your favourite marine life:

Scientists believe that as much as 95% of the earth’s oceans and 99% of the sea bed hasn’t yet been explored. What amazing creatures do you think may still be waiting to be discovered? 


  • Have a look at our Shark Facts Sheet and then create your own toilet roll shark and other marine animals with our marine animal crafts sheet. Make them as scary, beautiful or unusual as you like and send us a picture! Click on the image below for full instructions:


  • Can you colour this in and use our Crazy Rock Pool creatures sheet to label some of the animals. Click on the image below for a downloadable sheet.