Restoring Milkwellburn Wood

Please note for anyone wishing to visit Milkwellburn Wood that works are currently taking place as part of a habitat restoration programme that aims to restore this site back to the once expansive broadleaf woodland.

Ancient broadleaf woods are an incredibly rich habitat for wildlife yet today ancient woodland only covers 2% of the UK. Milkwellburn Wood sits on an ancient broadleaf woodland site, it was largely felled and replanted with mixed stands of pine, spruce and larch in the 20th Century severely reducing the number of threatened and common woodland fauna and flora. By gradually removing the conifers and non-native trees so that the native broadleaf woodland can re-establish across the site, will dramatically improve the area for wildlife.

The aim is that work will be completed by the end of November. If you have any queries regarding the thinning work then please contact Chris Jones, Living Landscapes Officer North, on or 0191 512 8949.