Terrific Trees

This week we are celebrating our terrific trees. They do so much for us and it turns out that us Brits really do love our trees. We have more ancient trees than most of central Europe even though we have less woodland.

Take a look at our Fantastic Trees Fact Sheet to find out some amazing things you have never heard before about trees. Did you know that trees within a woodland can communicate with each other?

Watch this video to learn more:

The UK has around 50 species of native trees. Native trees are ones which have not been planted from other countries but are found growing in the wild. The only native conifers we have are Scots pine and European larch. We have many different species of willow and whitebeam but only two species of native oak, plus a hybrid.

Use our Native Tree Trail and our Tree Survey forms (click on the images below) and a clip board if you have one – or you could make one – to see if you can find some of our common British trees around your home or out on a walk.

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Instead of a craft this week we thought a game would be fun! So, when you have completed your tree survey and your parents are happy that you are now an expert, you probably know more than them, why not have a go at this game?

Meet a Tree Game