Worms, wonderful worms!

This week we are discovering how wonderful earthworms are; they may not be cute and fluffy, they’re smooth and wriggly, but they are also pretty cool, and very important for wildlife as you’ll discover below.


  • It’s a worm’s world out there, have a look at our ‘Worms, wonderful worms’ sheet to find out some fun facts about our burrowing buddies.
  • Want to dig up some more info about amazing earthworms? Then watch this short film from BBC Springwatch


  • Let’s go on a worm-hunt and explore some more! All you need is to find an earthworm in your garden or nearby park, then follow these instructions ‘We’re going on a worm hunt!’ 
  • How worm-wise are you now? Test yourself with our ‘Worm-wise quiz


  • Continue to explore the wonderful world of earthworms by doing your own wormery experiment, here’s how:

  • If you fancy getting creative, you can get some cooked spaghetti, noodles or bits of string, dip them in paint and make some wacky worm art!
  • Worm words: Draw a worm with big segments, like the one below, then in each segment write a word that has something to do with or describes earthworms, such as ‘wriggly’ or ‘long’. How many wormy words can you think of?