Yet Another Cunning Plan Is Put Into Action!

Bracken and rabbits on Pow Hill Heath, a mid altitude, (now becoming rare habitat), are causing damage to the heathland flora.

First it was the rampaging bracken at 5ft high which obliterated the heathland vegetation, but three years of bracken rolling, with a horse and roller, has proved effective and the bracken, although still present, is less vigorous. Now it is the rabbits that are causing problems nibbling the young heather plants before they can become established!

Operation small enclosure hopes to get one over on the nibblers!

Jan Appleford, Heart of Durham volunteer dragging metal panels onto the heath
The holes in the mesh panels on Pow Hill Heath are too small for rabbits to get through.
Volunteers, Jan Appleford and Lesley Hodgson searching for the very tiny heather plants amongst the grass.
The mesh panels are easy and quick to put up around the small heather plants. With protection it is hoped that the heather will grow to a point where it is no longer palatable to rabbits. The protection will at the same time allow the other heathland plants to grow to a point that they can produce seed for the next year.
The 8ftx 8ft square in position.
The effect of the exclusion of rabbits will be monitored.
Two enclosures now in place, time will tell what effect they will have
The Heart of Durham Team

Durham Wildlife Trust’s Heart of Durham Project works in partnership with Northumbrian Water