5 ways to help wildlife this Winter

As everyone prepares for Winter and looks forward to the festive period it is worth sparing a thought for our wildlife friends. The temperatures drop so quickly meaning that the littlest creatures struggle to keep warm, and the bigger ones need to find enough food to get through the night. Fresh water for drinking and bathing freezes and grass dies off and other sources of food get buried by snow and ice. 

This time of year is pretty harsh for many animals, but there is a way we can help them – find below just a few simple yet vital actions on how we can all make a difference and protect our wildlife.

Feed the birds

Birds find it hard to source food in the Winter, especially as the berries and seeds have begun to rot and many insects are hidden underneath the frozen earth, so leaving bird seed out for our feathered friends is always a good idea. Vine House Farm provide an excellent selection of seed and 4% of every sale goes to Durham Wildlife Trust.

Look out for pond life

If you have a pond in your garden, try not to let it freeze over as this will be harmful to wildlife hibernating in the bottom. If it does freeze over, gently break the ice by popping a hot pan on the top and don’t break the ice with force.

Leave rotten wood 

If you’re doing some gardening leave a pile of wood in a corner, this provides a great spot for over wintering insects like the lovely ladybird. Bigger piles can also provide homes for creature heading in to hibernation.

Provide fresh water for thirsty animals

Even though it’s cold outside, wild animals still need to drink and bathe just as they would in the Summer. One free simple way you can help wildlife is by providing a clean source of drinking water every day.

Join Durham Wildlife Trust

By becoming a member of Durham Wildlife Trust you enable us to carry out much needed conservation work in the local area. Across County Durham, Darlington, Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland no one is working harder to protect our wildlife for future generations. Find out more about how you can become a member here .