Dynamo Dave Weston

Dave at Thornley Wood 2017

It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of one of our longstanding volunteers, who started out with the Western team, but then never missed a Friday with the Heart of Durham Task team until illness overtook him. He notched up just short of 10 years of volunteering, he will be sadly missed.

A man of unflagable energy and once set to a task he would be off working solidly and seemingly never to tire, thus earning him his very apt nickname of Dynamo. He loved working for the Trust and was immensely proud of all we achieved in our conservation work.

Dynamo Dave, took great pride in his work, he was a perfectionist, always enthusiastic. When asked for memories overwhelmingly came the response a quiet lovely man, private in his illness but such a very valuable member of the team.

“Dave always reminded me of my student holidays, labouring for a team of brickies. The common format was 2 brickies to 1 labourer (me) and if you had a very effective labourer the ratio was 3:1.

But with Dave as the ‘skilled’ worker, it would have to be at least 3:1, but the other way round – 3 labourers to keep up with him! He often had a quiet twinkle in his eye as he worked, and even if he did work twice as quickly as everyone else he never took an early lunch!” Steve Gater

“My lasting memories of Dave are his unfailing cheerfulness – he always had a cheeky smile for everyone – and, of course, his insatiable capacity for work! If Dave was involved the job was always done. He will be greatly missed”. Michael Powell

Putting up a Owl box at Derwent Reservoir
Dave kneeling on the right, he was instrumental in helping to put up the enclosure in the Nature Reserve at Derwent Reservoir
From left to right, Dave Weston, Pete Hodgson, Rob Turner, Dave Hewison and Stuie Draper