In Search of Dragonflies

Male Banded Demoiselle.

On a balmy Sunday morning (2 June), an eager group of dragon and damselfly enthusiasts met at the Land of Oak & Iron Heritage Centre, for a talk (and walk) on identification skills.

Led by Durham Wildlife Trustee, Michael Coates, participants learned how to identify most of the species likely to be seen in the North East. After a quick quiz, they all headed to nearby Clockburn Lake. However, as they crossed ‘Butterfly Bridge’ they soon spotted three different types of damselfly, including arguably the prettiest, the Banded Demoiselle*.

They also saw Large Red Damsels coupling, laying eggs and there were exuvia. And that was before they got to the lake. Upon finally arriving, it was difficult for Michael to know where to go and help as calls came from every angle, with the group surrounded by damsels.

Michael Coates commented: “It was a very successful day and some fantastic photos were taken.”

The event was part of the Geology and Wildlife Surveyors Project, delivered through the Land of Oak & Iron, funded by the Heritage Lottery.

* Banded Demoiselle are the main focus of a walk taking place on July 7th. To book a place, click here.