Low Barns Improvements Project

For over 50 years Low Barns has provided a place where people can connect with nature.

Today, perhaps more than ever, we recognise how important that connection is.

The natural world is good for the body and good for the soul, but the opportunity to experience and enjoy wildlife is something that we all find harder to fit into our busy modern lives. Children and young people in particular are losing their connection with nature, with wildlife not only lost from the school curriculum but from everyday language – kingfishers are no longer thought to deserve a place in the Oxford Junior Dictionary.

Durham Wildlife Trust wants to make sure that Low Barns Nature Reserve not only continues to provide a place to connect with nature, but provides an even better place for children and adults to be inspired by the natural world.

To do that we need your support to make sure Low Barns Nature Reserve and Visitors centre is ready for the next 50 years. By improving the facilities on offer the Trust can attract a new audience and help to reconnect society with nature, ensuring a wilder future for us all.

Click here to find out about the Low Barns Appeal.

UPDATE: The project works in the car park at Low Barns begin on Weds 14th March. Please be aware that for the duration of the works there will be limited car parking spaces. The site will be opens but there will be works being carried out. The mobility scooter will also be out of use during this time. We will continue to update this page. A full overview on the works can be found in the Low Barns Visitor Centre.