Members Fungi Foray at Black Plantation

Durham Wildlife Trust had a very successful members Fungi Foray at Black Plantation on Saturday 24th November. Joined by the North East Fungi Study Group and with their expertise in identification we explored the fungi community smelling and feeling our way around the different characteristics of each species.

Doug McCutcheon collecting for further investigation

From the slightly slimy feeling Butter Cap (Rhodocollybia butyracea) to the aniseed smell of Clitopilus fragrans. One of the most distinguishable was the Pipe Club (Macrotyphula fistulosa) (photo). These are worm -like, elongate fungi often found in clear areas swaying in the breeze. We also found the rarer Macrotyphula fistulosa var. contorta  – the contorted variant if the Pipe Club.

Macrotyphula fistulosa   (Pipe Club)

Within the leaf litter, standing and lying dead wood we noted around 52 different species (list is below).

Trametes versicolor (Turkey Tail)

Thanks to Mike, Val and Doug from the North East Fungi Study Group for their expertise.

Piptoporus betulinus (Birch polypore)

Download Species List Here

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