Nest Eggsplorers

Welcome to Wild@Home, it’s week two and we’re being Nest Eggsplorers!

Birds are some of nature’s best builders and engineers, and over the spring months you will see more and more birds with their beaks full of twigs and mud, moss, scraps of wool, even wire. Over the years, each species has learnt to build just the right kind of shelter for its eggs. In some cases this is very little indeed: a few stones suffice, and camouflage does the rest. But other species build elaborate cups and domes, or weave together grasses and plaster them with mud. The biggest British nest is that of the golden eagle –  a great pile of sticks, added to over the years. Keep an eye on the nesting habits of birds in your neighbourhood this spring, and let us know of any strange materials you see being used. Note down nest positions in your nature notebooks, together with dates, details of species etc. NEVER disturb a nest or interfere with eggs – their survival depends on your good sense.


  • Watch birds across the British Isles live online: live webcams
  • Use this ‘nest identification chart’ to see what materials different garden birds use to make their nests



  • How many nests can you spot from your window, in your garden, or on a walk to a nearby park? Count as many as you can, then let us know how many you have seen on our Nest Eggsplorers survey.


  • If you have some spare wood then have a go at making a nest box, just follow these instructions.
  • Make some easy chocolate easter nests: