Acorn Stud Earring


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Width approx. 1.5 cm

This eye catching item, made by Nicky Butler from Twigs and Toads, is made using silver clay. Silver clay is a fantastic relatively new product, invented in the 1990s in Japan. The clay consists of very fine silver powder, (which has been reclaimed from the photographic industry and electronic technology such as old mobile phones), a little water and a non toxic organic binder (e.g. cellulose). It is considered an eco product because it uses recycled silver. The binder and water make the clay pliable, so it can be modelled and textured in it’s wet state. Nicky finds it ideal for her nature based jewellery, because it can take textures from leaves and other natural items. When dry, she refines the shape, joins pieces together and drills any holes needed, before firing it. Firing at a high temperature burns off the binder, and the silver particles “sinter” so that they fuse together, leaving pure silver. In this fired state it is a white colour. Burnishing and polishing give a beautiful shine. This silver is known as 999 Fine Silver, and can be hallmarked as such.

Any chain, hooks, earring posts or other findings on this product are 925 Sterling Silver.

Nickel free.

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