Signs of Spring

Spring is a very exciting time of year indeed, as there are shoots, buds, blossoms and all sorts of wild and wonderful things happening in nature all around us. We want to help you discover and explore the wildlife in your gardens, neighbourhoods and green spaces.


The ‘Sounds and Smells of Spring’ activity sheet encourages you to get outside in the morning and discover the sounds and smells of nature in Spring.  You can print it or look at it on a tablet or phone and record your findings in a notebook.


Our ‘Signs of Spring’ spotter sheet can be printed off or viewed on a tablet, and used in your garden, yard, nearby green space or even from your window.

When you have done your ‘Signs of Spring’ spotter sheet please enter the information that you have collected onto our online survey, so that we can learn all about the wildlife living in our neighbourhoods. This information is really helpful to us, so please share it if you can.


Share your results using the hashtag #dwtwildathome #durhamwildlife :