Sun Seeking Reptiles

Sun Seeking Reptiles 

This week it’s all about sleek, scaly sun-loving reptiles. In the UK we have six species of reptiles, three snakes and three lizards (one legless). Now, six is not a big number – though they are all very interesting – but then Britain is not the hottest of countries and reptiles are basically solar powered. 


If you are lucky enough to live near a local nature reserve with reptiles, wait for a sunny morning and quietly walk to a sunny south-facing slope. You might just get lucky, especially if you are observant and patient. If not take a look at these videos to learn more about some of our British reptile species:

Sand lizard

Grass snake eating a Great Crested newt


Have a look at our British Reptile Fact Sheet and our Reptiles of the World Fact Sheet then test yourself to see what you have remembered by filling out our reptile quiz. Good luck! You’ll be experts by the end of this, ready to impress any teacher! 

For even more reptile facts visit:

And if you have never heard of Gharials, they are a bit like a crocodile, they are very cool:


Finally if your brain is now stuffed, ready to burst with exciting fascinating facts, why not get creative and make your very own snakes and ladders game! Click on the picture below to open up some instructions.