Watching Roe Deer – Billy’s story

Watching Roe Deer – Billy Atkinson’s story. 

Roe Deer – Billy Atkinson

I love watching Roe Deer in the woods in the Durham area. I venture outside with my camera into the woods to slowly seek out the deer and capture the best footage. I enjoy spending my spare time outside in nature and observing wildlife. It’s wonderful to see these majestic creatures so close and how they interact with each other.

I have probably seen about 200 Roe Deer in the past three years, just by venturing outside.

With the change in weather lately it has become so cold and frosty. About three weeks ago I was following three female deer, trying to get some good photos of them. However, it was not easy as the ground was like walking on Rice Crispsies and alerted them to me being there!

Being outside capturing footage of these fascinating creatures is really wonderful. It gives me an escapism from everyday life.

Billy Atkinson

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