Durham Wildlife Trust Member’s summer jaunt around Derwent Reservoir

It was all aboard the minibus for a member’s day trip around Derwent reservoir looking at some of the wonderful areas where the Heart of Durham project volunteers work in partnership with Northumbrian Water. From Millshields to look at the young Juniper bushes and a brief history on the building of the reservoir, the group moved around to Pow Hill Heath, where bracken control was in action. Then there was the rare chance to slip into the cool of the nature reserve to see veteran trees, slow worms and to see the enclosures built by volunteers to help the natural regeneration of the beautiful and majestic oaks.

Derwent Reservoir
Measuring a veteran tree
A tree-man effort!
Learning about bracken control by rolling the stems with Steffie and her Horse Tyne
Steffi and Tyne in action
Explaining the management of the nature reserve
Crosing the stream
A close call, nearly wet feet!
A truly wonderful veteran tree