How to build a bug hotel

What you’ll need: 

Wood pallets

Dry leaves

Tiles and stones

Choose a shady cool spot for your bug hotel.

Insects like cool damp conditions, so a shaded area near a tree or hedge works well. Make sure the home has a firm solid base because and choose somewhere the insect can remain until winter.

The structure of your bug hotel.

Layer pallets on top of each other to the height you’d like your bug hotel to be. Put all of the large pallets at the bottom and make sure that the pallets are strong and don’t move! Secure the pallets with a piece of string to the one below if you need to.

Make sure all the gaps are filled with material 

You can fill the empty pallets with whatever you like but here are some ideas on how to attract different kind of insects:

Rotting wood and bark is where beetles, spiders and woodlice love to hang out.

Dry leaves provide a fantastic home for insects and ladybirds hibernate in them over winter.

Tiles and stones are the perfect environment for newts and frogs. You are best off placing tiles at the lowest shadiest point of the bug hotel.

Let us know how you get on and don’t forget to send in your ideas!