Redcar Field Nature Reserve

Terrain: Moderate
Size: 0.75 heactares
OS Map: 304
Nearest Postcode: DL1 3NA
Nearest Town: Darlington
Grid Reference: NZ 292 198
Please Note: No public access but guided visits may be arranged for members groups

Durham Wildlife Trust’s smallest nature reserve with a range of fen vegetation types not found at any other site in County Durham including basic flush fen meadow, reedbed and willow carr.

The fen meadow is dominated by blunt-flowered rush with a carpet of mosses but grades into open flushes with a varied flora including marsh valerian, early marsh orchid, marsh arrow grass, butterwort and marsh lousewort. Tall fen is more extensive that the fen meadow and is dominated by common reed and great willow herb although other wetland plants such as meadow sweet, common valerian and marsh horsetail occur. On the periphery, meadow rue, rare in County Durham, has been recorded. The willow carr, is dominated by crack willow.

Reserve Map & Access

Difficult due to permanently waterlogged conditions.

Access & Parking
There is no public access to this site due to its difficult terrain and sensitive habitats. Parking is very limited with space for 1 vehicle near the entrance gate.

No dogs allowed.

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